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Ascent to Everest base camp
Ascent to Everest base camp
20 December, 2019
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Arranca la Hong Kong Vibram 100 el 18 de enero
16 January, 2020
Camino a hong kong

We have to go to Hong Kong, in our last blog we left you in Tok Tok, on the penultimate day of our trekking, so it’s time for an update!

We had a good rest in Tok Tok. As most days, Onna, Bru and I all slept in one bed.Whilst this makes it more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in, it assures that we are all being kept warm during the freezing cold nights.

We trained, did some interviews and set off to Lukla. It was cloudy when we arrived, but we didn’t anticipate any complications…

Our flight was at 6:55, but Ram told us that it wouldn’t be necessary to get ready before 6:30. It is normal for our time schedule to be flexible especially as we tend to be later than planned, but this time we made sure we were ready to go at around 6:15. When Ram arrived there was still no rush, as he told us the flight was postponed due to the cloudy weather. We waited all morning, but the clouds didn’t disappear. Finally, at around 2PM we knew for sure we wouldn’t be able to fly back to Kathmandu, as after 3PM the planes do not fly anymore. We were tired and felt as if we had lost a complete day, but we agreed that it had been better not to fly. Lukla is a very dangerous airport with a landing track of only 527 meters and it is at an altitude of 2860m .This means that the air density o is severely reduced and the planes have to land at a higher speed… For this reason, it is built uphill for landing.

Anyway, the next morning everything went smoothly and we arrived safely at Kathmandu. We left our luggage at the hotel where we were staying and took a taxi out of the city to go training. We trained together as Julen (cameraman) was able to stay with Onna. It was a good feeling to be at a lower altitude again and to be able to run at a higher pace!

Ragna Debats entrenado

The next morning Bru was scheduled to fly back to Barcelona with Julen. We all went to the airport and said goodbye to them. Soon after we arrived back at the hotel, we received a phone call from Julen saying that things weren’t going too well. Trouble!

They didn’t want to take him on the flight because of a weight issue. We went back to the airport, but we couldn’t solve the problem. It took us many hours to get him on the evening flight, but finally he could fly. It was a very sad moment for all of us, but he had to back because in Hong Kong, our next destination, he would have to go in quarantine.

We still had a couple of days left and we went to a rural village called Maramchi. This is the native village of Manish, a friend of mine, and we could stay at his mum’s and his sister’s home. We drove to the village on the back of Manish’s and his friend’s motorbike. It was a wild ride of about 4 hours. After one hour, Onna, who was sitting in front of me, fell asleep and I had to hold her tight as well as keeping my own balance. Anybody who has been in Nepal knows that the roads outside of Kathmandu are very bumpy, non-asphalted roads. They are made by bulldozers, making their way through the mountainous, seemingly inaccessible landscapes.

Finally, we arrived and we were received by Manish‘s lovely mum with a tasty curry.

The next two days were very pleasant days. We went running with Manish and had a great cultural experience! Onna loved playing with her two Nepalese friends and of course eating with her hands!

We went back to Kathmandu by bus, which was slower, but a lot less bumpy even though we went the same way. We would have loved to stay longer. I think the natural life was good for Onna too. Just hanging around and playing with her friends.Nepal es unico

On the 27th we flew to Hong Kong on a late evening flight. We arrived in the early morning the day after. At first, I have to admit that it was a bit of a shock for us to be surrounded by so many high buildings! We immediately longed for mountains and nature!! We found some really nice trails though and are discovering that Hong Kong is a great place to be! We are looking forward to explore more of it in the next couple of days!