Iniciamos el viaje por los 7 continentes

Proyecto de vida
Un proyecto de vida – Ragna Dabats y Pere Aurell
10 December, 2019
Ascent to Everest base camp
Ascent to Everest base camp
20 December, 2019

A week ago we started our great journey of the 7 continents, beginning in Asia. On Tuesday 3rd December, we flew to Kathmandu, Nepal with the whole family. For Onna it wasn’t the first time she had made a long plane trip with a connecting flight, but our dog, Bru had never travelled by plane before and we were all very excited to travel to our first destination with him. The trip went well and it was a great relief for us to clear through the customs procedures without any complications and enter the country. Our friend Neer took us to the hotel and then it was time for a good rest. On Thursday we made our final preparations for the trekking and Neer invited us to a delicious Dal Bhat in one of his favorite restaurants. The next day it was time to rise early to fly to Lukla, the starting point of the trek. Call it luck or bad luck, but first the plane was delayed and then cancelled. It was not a good start… However, Neer solved the problem by arranging some places in a cargo plane for us and so we travelled to Lukla with some food packages and only us as passengers in the cabin: Pere, Onna, me, our guide Ram, our camera man Julen and our dog Bru! Upon arrival.

Pere and I went out to train and then we started our trekking. The first day we hiked to Toctoc. It was hard with such a lot of luggage and without prior acclimatization to carry the weight. We immediately noticed that Bru was the center of attention for the Nepalese people. Although the many other dogs tend to attack him, the people take pictures of or with him. Also in the lodgings people welcome him and almost take more care of him than of us!! ;). The second day we reached Namche (3400m). We stayed in the Himalaya Resort where we were treated very well. This stage was ideal to acclimatize a little more to the altitude and establish a good routine. Our routine is to go out training first thing in the morning. Then we have breakfast all together and get our backpacks ready to go hiking. We usually do 3 to 6 hours of trekking without counting the lunch break. Onna usually walks on the flat and the downhills and sits in the carrier backpack on the climbs or when it gets too much for her to walk. The third day we did  interval training and then a small circular route trekking up to 3800m. For Onna the altitude is no problem and the cool temperatures are being helped at the moment by the blue skies and a radiant sun. Yesterday we did some dynamic training  with one minute intervals and after a good breakfast – I had a buckwheat apple pancake – we left for Tengboche. Tengboche is a sacred place. It has a beautiful soul and incredible views of the Everest !! Today we got up early and had a good run for about 1.5 hours . This week we are using the time to adapt to the conditions and we ran smoothly on the mountaineous terrain to a maximum height of 4050m.
The trekking was beautiful again and tonight we will sleep on the slopes of Ama Dablam. We can sense the close presence of this mountain and this makes us feel extremely happy. Right now we are in Shomare in a warm and welcoming mountain hostel right in front of a hot stove that warms us with Yak poops!
We are looking forward to continue our journey towards the Everest which is just the beginning of our odyssey to the 7 continents !!!